GACG services

GACG provides the following services and benefits to its members. The goal is to achieve greater, global impact and footprint in anti-counterfeiting space – together. Thus creating value, visibility and knowhow for the GACG members, members’ members and external stakeholders.


GACG contributes and distributes international publications, policy papers and studies, which focus on counterfeiting and illicit trade.

Lobbying & advocacy

GACG advocates legislation, agreements, initiatives and actions against counterfeiting.

Industry meetings

GACG organizes and partakes meetings with key stakeholders around the world on a monthly basis. Both as an organizer, member and observer.

Intelligence sharing

GACG shares topical anti-counterfeiting intelligence and best practices from its internal and external sources.


GACG provides a channel to promote and distribute members’ initiatives, news and events.


GACG provides consultation and expertise in the field of anti-counterfeiting and illicit trade.

Join us to shape the future of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection across the world!