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Welcome to our active and influential group. GACG has four different membership categories to choose from:

  • Full members (1000 €/year),
  • Associate members (390 €/year)
  • Institutional members (0 €/year)
  • Donors (>500 €/year).

The main objectives are to co-ordinate members’ international activities, share best practices and information, and to participate in appropriate joint activities to solve international IPR enforcement challenges.

Our status and memberships here (link to pdf)

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Why join us?


Shape the future

Join us to shape the future of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection across the world.


Share the know how

Benefit from the know how of the broadest anti-counterfeiting network in the world. Don’t reinvent the wheel.



Join the forces and collaborate with other peer organizations to shape industry standards, policies, frameworks, guidance and legislation.


Connect with peers

Reach and connect with peers via our member meetings and events. Have fun at the same time. Meet the national thought leaders and learn about developments in local markets.


Protect your interests

Protect your interests. Shape the development of rule books and its implementation into laws and global agreements. Meet and educate global policymakers and law enforcement, providing the knowledge about real-world business topics and issues.