The economic cost of IPR infringement in sports goods

Another excellent report from the EU Observatory on Infringements of IPRs – very useful material for raising awareness and providing justification for IPR enforcement.

In line with its mandate, the Observatory has started to evaluate the negative impact of counterfeiting and its consequences for legitimate businesses, governments and consumers, and ultimately society as a whole. Results of this third study, to be followed by some other sectoral studies, pave the way towards quantification of the scope, scale and impact of IPR infringements in the European Union. I hope you can credit the EU Observatory (of which many of us are private stakeholders) for this work when you share and/or use the material in publicity or lobbying.

World Customs Organization

IPM Monthly Report - June 2015

2015 Roles and Responsibilities of Intermediaries

The BASCAP paper on 'Roles and Responsibilities of Intermediaries: Fighting counterfeiting and piracy in the supply chain' sets out steps that intermediaries can take to help eliminate global supply chain vulnerabilities that allow infiltration of counterfeit and pirated products.

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Premier Trimestre 2015

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